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Industrial Plankton Automated Bioreactors

Industrial Plankton

Industrial Plankton Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. All of our equipment is manufactured in-house to ensure a high quality algae bioreactor.

Our algae bioreactors are a turn-key solution for research, aquaculture, and biotech. Through automation, our bioreactors eliminate the majority of repetitive tasks involve in culturing algae. Touchscreen controls and realtime graphing of the culture conditions allows operators to quickly access a culture, and make changes as necessary to optimize the output. These features, and many more, combine to create a highly productive algae bioreactor with a small footprint.

Industrial Plankton 1250L Algae Bioreactor

PBR 1000L Inoculation

How to inoculate an Industrial Plankton algae #photobioreactor.
Learn about Industrial Plankton Inc's 1000L #algae photobioreactor.
Visit www.industrialplankton.com for more information about growing live algae on-sit

Industrial Plankton

Learn about Industrial Plankton Inc's 100L algae photobioreactor.

Industrial Plankton 1250L Inoculation

Industrial Plankton Inc.

Published on Sep 19, 2017

Watch this simple and biosecure inoculation of a 1250L Algae Bioreactor