Biofloc Technology 2020 Workshop

Biofloc Technology 2020 Workshop

Facilitator: Dr Nyan Taw

Date: 23 April 2020 (Thursday)

Venue: AIA Building, 371 Alexandra Road Singapore 159963

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17-23 March 2020
Bookmark your calendar and get ready for the next AIT-AQUAMIMICRY Aquatainment symposium 2020 Thailand.


Aquamimicry Aquatainment Symposium Dec 2017

Aquamimicry Aquatainment Symposium

This is the 5th series of our successful Aquamimicry Aquatainment Workshops happening in Bangkok from 11 to 16 December 2017 at Sheraton Resort and Spa Hua Hin Thailand

This coming December 2017 will be bigger and is our First Symposium where we will feature speakers who are full bred Aquamimicry farmers who will share their practical and hands on experiences on shrimp farming. apart from Professors from reputable Universities like Asian Institute of Technology and Kasetsart University Thailand.

In addition we will feature AFSy 2.0 Fish Free Feed which will revolutionize how shrimps are going to be cultured without having to depend on fishmeal which we call it Aquavolution.

Hainan Aquaculture Study Tour March 2015

We successfully organised the Hainan Aquaculture Tour 2015 on behalf of Institution of Aquaculture Singapore for the benefits of the Temasek Polytechnic cohorts from 23/3/15 to 27/3/15. They also attended a talk by Ms Han Han from China Sustainability Institute on Sustainable aquaculture practices in China. The participants had the opportunity to meet the Drector of Fisheries, Qionghai, Hainan and also the President and Exececutive members of the Qionghai Tilapia Farmers Alliance to explore closed internship colloboration. The party had a happy closing dinner hosted by Chen Dingshen, Pesident of the Farmer's Alliance at the latters Farm Resort.

IAS International Aquaculture Conference 2015

Jimmy Lim, our Director and also the Founder President of IAS, was instrumental for the organising of AquaSG 2015 Conference ffrom 6 to 8 October 2015 at Temasek Polytechnic. The conference attracted more than 200 delegates from more than 14 countries. Our Senior Minister of State for National Development, Mr Desmond Lee officiated the opening address.

More than 20 intenational scientists, reseachers and aquacuture experts delivered their papers on the latest cutting edge technology for sustainable aquaculture. There were also two days of preconference workshops on

  • Biofloc Technology
  • Rapid Disease Detection
  • Aquaculture Nutrition

Aquatainment Learning Experience 2016

In collaboration with Veerasun Prayotamornkul and the Thailand Biomimicry Team, we successfully conducted the Aquatainment Leaning Experience 2016 and the Biomimicry Sustainable Shrimp Farming workshop that rocked Thailand from 4/4/16 to 7/4/16.

More than 45 participants from countries like USA, Bulgaria, Ecuador, India, Vietnam, East Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore were entertained through tours of Biomimicry farms from Phuket to Prachinburi. They visited the famous Black Gold Tiger Broodstock farm, I&E Bio Artemia Nauplii Center and the world renowned Copefloc RAS Biomimicry Shrimp farm at Prachinburi.

The group had a highly entertaining night of relaxation, fun and music at the beach restaurant at HuaHin before going ffor the serious workshop on Biomicry Shrimp Farming workshop conducted by Veerasun Prayotamornkul. The workshop was packed with many years of shrimp farming experience and solid data to support the efficacy of the Biomimicry practices. Our Vietnam expert, Tran Kinh Bang was on hand to share his latest experiences. It was a great learning and sharing session for the participants which ended up with everyone happily receiving their Certificate of Participation, being a good souvenir of an excellent workshop

The tous ended with the closing ceremony and dinner on a private cruise ship which sailed down the beatutiful Chao Praya River and ended at Asiatique quay where the participants enjoyed the night of drinks and shopping late thirugh the night.

Many more Aquatainment Learning Experience Tours will be organised. Watch out for the Next Run soon.