26. Apr, 2017

Tianjin Shrimp Culture seminar 11/4/17

Yesterday, on 11 April, a shrimp culture seminar on the theme "transition and sustainable development" was launched in tianjin, China organised by Fishfirst.cn

In recent years, shrimp production is bleak in the south of China; while in the North China, it is still in progress and still lag behind with the south.

The producers need to pay attention to and try to improve the environment rather than focusing attention on the disease itself because of the inability to receive effective treatment in the disease itself, which we can do is the primary prevention.

2. Selection of good shrimp larvae is more likely to be in the choice of a qualified and a good reputation and modern ideas.

3.High Density can not guarantee high production, since high-density culture leads to uncertainty in the environment, and producers should identify breeding densities based on feeding, installation and experience.

4. The Treatment of gastro-intestinal diseases, which should be chosen by producers, is the restoration of normal bacterial communities and the establishment of a normal micro-ecosystem.

5. The Small scaffolding will become a popular culture model in the north of China, because in such a model, shrimp may be produced in the winter or in a slightly cold weather such as cold wave.