7. Feb, 2017

Aquamimicry Hainan Sustainable Shrimp Farming

Aquamimicry Hainan first pilot trial on Full Aquamimicry solutions for sustainable shrimp farming. Shrimp farmer has zero based shrimp farming experience. She was in praying beads business.
DOC : 110 days
Area: 4 mu (2640 M2)
SD: 400,000
Size: 3,OOO kg
Size: 82 pc per kg
Market: Live shrimp to Southern China. She got 4 rmb (THb25 or USD0.70) above current farm gate price.
Coached by Aquamimicry Hainan team. Overcome typhoon period in October 2016 which she had mortality. If not for Aquamimicry, she would have lost her crop.
Aquamimicry solutions had overcome typhoon climatic conditions during culture.


Cr: Jimmy Lim and Aquamimicry Hainan Team