Environmental Wireless Sensor for Agriculture & Aquaculture


Wireless sensor network is a system composed of small and portable data collection devices with low power consumption, and applying such wireless network technology as Bluetooth, WIFI, 802.15.4, Zig bee, Lora to connect, transmit, synthesize and calculate data before sending them to the central system. Data collection points + wireless network + central computer = application in life.

Popular application of Wireless Network Network: 

  • Monitorig the environment
  • Monitoring the traffic signals
  • Waste management system
  • Quality management for agriculture products
  • Calculation and managemet of traffic jam
  • Warning system for forest fires
  • Air quality analysis and monitoting systems
  • Construction quality supervision


  1. Monitor the amount of dissolved oxygen, tempertaure, pH, conductivity and Oxygen reduction potential (ORP)
  2. Monitor in real time via Internet
  3. Compare measured indexes, analyse with automatic sample library to create an environmental assessment
  4. Store and create continuous environmental assessment
  5. Send environmental information to farming reports for advice
  6. Automatically monitor other devices via Internet