Biofloc Technology 2020 Workshop

Biofloc Technology 2020 Workshop

Date: 23 April 2020 (Thursday)

Venue: AIA Building, 371 Alexandra Road Singapore 159963

Failitator: Dr Nyan Taw

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Facilitator Profile

Dr Nyan Taw CV

 Senior Advisor, MFF (Myanmar Fisheries Federation)/ADB Consultant, FITES (Fisheries Technology & Services Centre of Vietnam)

(Fmr Chief Technical Advisor & Consultant of FAO/UNDP/UNHCR/WB/ADB Projects; Sr Technical Advisor Blue Archipelago, Malaysia; SVP Dipasena & VP CPB groups, Indonesia)

Mobile: +95 9768160337 (Myanmar)

 Dr. Nyan Taw earned a Ph.D. in Marine Biology at the University of Tasmania, Australia in 1976 under Colombo Plan scholarship. He has been a consultant and aquaculture advisor to many governments and private enterprises in Southeast Asia. He was involved in aquaculture projects such JICA and ADB in Myanmar.

In 1988, he joined the FAO of UN and served at FAO/UNDP/UNHCR fisheries and aquaculture projects in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, culminating the position of Chief Technical Advisor (CTA) until early 1995. From 1995, he accumulated valuable commercial experience by joining the private commercial sector. He served as Senior Vice President responsible for R&D and commercial production at one of the largest integrated shrimp farms (Dipasena – over 20,000 ponds) in Indonesia. He served as Vice President in CPB, CP Indonesia, large integrated shrimp farm (3,700 intensive culture ponds where he initiated biofloc technology to commercial scale.

He joined Blue Archipelago Berhad as Senior Technical Advisor/GM in August 2009 to develop a biosecure modular intensive shrimp farm project (iSHARP) at 1,000 hectares land. From September 2013, he transferred the project’s full-time responsibility and at present served as technical consultant until 2015.

Dr. Nyan has provided consultancy for shrimp farming companies in Central (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua & Belize) and South (Peru & Ecuador) American countries, Middle East (Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) and Asia (China, Indonesia, India & Vietnam). He conducted Shrimp Biofloc Technology workshops for shrimp farmers, researchers and investors in Malaysia (BAB/UMT), Australia (Shrimp Farmers Association), India (NaCSA/MPEDA), Saudi Arabia (FAO/SAS), Indonesia (IAS/MAI), Thailand (AIT) and Myanmar (CIHAEM/DoF).

 In 2014, concurrently he joined the FAO of the United Nations as short term Consultant for FAO/WB CRSD (Coastal Resource for Sustainable Development) project in Vietnam. Dr. Nyan is also with the FAO project, UTF/SAU/048/SAU Strengthening and supporting further development of aquaculture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to train researchers of JFRC on shrimp biofloc technology and also conducted biofloc technology workshop for shrimp farmers in the region. He has served as consultant to ADB and World Bank projects in Vietnam since 2016.

 Dr. Nyan has published and presented over 90 papers, FAO field documents and training manuals.  Dr Nyan and Research Team has published a book entitled ‘Prawn Culture in Burma’ in 1984. He co-authored a chapter in the book by Yoram Avnimelech on Biofloc Technology (2012 & 2014). 

 Dr Nyan recently published a book on shrimp farming ‘Intensive shrimp farming systems in Asia: Commercial implementation of biosecure and biofloc systems to help control shrimp farming diseases’ (Taw, N. 1918, Scholars’ Press). Dr Nyan is a member of Biofloc Working group, Aquaculture Engineering Society, World Aquaculture Society and a Fellow of the Institution of Aquaculture Singapore

 His significant contribution is on intensive shrimp farming technology - in development of farm biosecurity, biofloc technology and designing biosecure large modular farms.