Commercial Biofloc - Concepts, Application & Investment

This workshop is opened to all aquaculture professionals & investors who want to grasp the finer points of commercial biofloc technology

About this Event

This live workshop is opened to all professionals working in the aquaculture and related industries and for investors who want to grasp the concepts, applications and investment opportunities in food production.

“Aquaculture, not the Internet, represents the most promising investment opportunity of the 21st Century.”— Peter Drucker, Management Expert & Economist

“The rapid development of aquaculture in recent years has been likened to a “Blue Revolution” that matches the Green Revolution”— Jeffrey Sachs

The live workshop is conducted over 2 days.

You are required to register for both dates on 18/9/2020 & 19/9/2020 to complete the course.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded by Institution of Aquaculture Singapore

Registration link Below: